Digital Letter of Guarantee

Automate the full life cycle of the Letter of Guarantee and enable corporates & banks to exchange LG actions online.

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Why Our Digital Letter of Guarantee Solution

BwaTech provides an automated and digital end-to-end solution that integrates the applicant, issuer, and beneficiary through a unified platform. Our solution will help you to streamline your operations, automate processes, and securely exchange LG actions online, enhancing efficiency and collaboration between you and issuing banks.

How it works?
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Total LGs Value


Number of Transactions


Saving Time

Actions can be concluded within 1hr

Our Powerful Features

Issuance Advice

Delivering LGs digitally from the issuing bank to the beneficiaries.


Enabling beneficiaries to extend the expiry date of an active LG In one click.


Enabling beneficiaries to confiscate an amount of LG partially or fully electronically.


Enabling beneficiaries to release LG partially or fully electronically.


Empowering issuing banks to modify LG information upon applicant or beneficiary's request.


Enabling beneficiaries to inquire about LG information from Issuing bank.

Tender List

A fully automated solution enabling the privacy and confidentiality required for the tender bonds.

Coming Soon

Issuance Request

Request new LG from the issuing bank on behalf of the applicant through our centralized platform.

No More Paperwork

Eliminating the costs of printing, issuing, exchanging, storing, and retrieving physical documents by automating the process.

Improved Security

All information will be confidentially and securely processed, stored, and exchanged with appropriate resources in local repositories.

Digital Transformation

Streamlining and digitizing LGs from issuance to settlement or expiry. Providing easier tracking on your LG’s details and the action’s history.

Improved Productivity

Supporting easier and faster decision-making with the ability to perform financial and administrative actions with a simple click.

Reducing Risks

Minimizing the risk of disputes by providing a single source of truth, eliminating fraud and forgery through complete transparency at every step.

Asked Questions

1. Will a physical copy of the LG be provided through the solution?

In our digital-centric approach, there is no need for a physical copy of the LG (Letter of Guarantee). Our system is designed to provide a seamless and paperless experience for all parties involved.

2. Are you licensed to digitize letter of guarantee services?

Yes, BwaTech is permitted by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to provide services to digitize letter of guarantee operations.

3. Does the platform provides the latest updates on the LG instantly?

Yes, every action made to the LG is reflected on the platform immediately.

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